Cars with an automatic transmission should be towed with care to avoid damage to the transmission system.  If it is a must, the drive wheels should be on the ground. At the same time, cars should not be towed for more than 15 miles, and speed should not exceed 40Km/hr.

tow truck BurkeBefore you are about to tow your car, make sure that it is safe to do so by following these simple steps: 

1) Check all lights are in working order, including brake & indicator lights, headlights, and hazard warning lights. 

2) Make sure that the handbrake is applied correctly and the car can roll freely without any complications. 

3) Parking brake also needs to be activated if the car has one installed and setting up the car in neutral. 

4) Attach the car properly to the car-tow using straps, ropes, or other options available with your car-tow kit.


Always engage automatic transmission lock for safety reasons, so the car doesn’t roll when being towed. Permanently attach car-tow securely, trying not to damage the paintwork of your vehicle if possible. Do not tow your vehicle at higher speeds, as this can damage the car’s internal parts, resulting in costly repairs later on if no immediate attention is given.

Step 1:

Before you embark on towing your car, the first step is to determine whether you will be towing a rear-wheel, a front-wheel, or an automatic car. If you’re unsure, check the user’s manual.

If you’re towing a rear-wheel vehicle with a hitch and tow bar, drop the shaft by removing the universal joint from the rear end. Once done, lower the drive shaft gently to the ground and replace the bolts.

Step 2

Gently place the safety bar in front of the car. While doing this, ensure all the necessary devices, including brakes and lights, are functioning. If everything is working well, then the next step is to lower the tongue of the tow bar and attach t to the ball of the towing vehicle.

Once done, tighten the tow bar to the balls.

If you’re towing a front-drive car, then we recommend using a car dolly method.

Step 3:

Now that you’re done connecting the vehicles before you start towing the car ensure that everything is working correctly. You do not want to cause an accident by ignoring any red flags.

Step 4:

Safety first. After driving for 4-5 miles, you should stop to ensure that all hooks and lights are okay. Also, you need to check the safety chains and the hitches to ensure that they are secure and not loose. If you’re certified that everything is fitted on well, then you can proceed with your journey.

Towing a car with an automatic transmission should not be much hassle. This guide highlights the steps and safety measures you need to take before embarking on the road to tow your car. In the event you’re not sure which towing method best works for your vehicle, then we recommend talking to a professional to avoid any damage costs. 

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