Burke towing serviceOften, vehicles tend to break down anywhere anytime due to different conditions such as a flat tire, jammed accelerator, or even a stalled engine. Therefore, it will be an excellent, intelligent decision to be prepared for such emergencies rather than to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. The following are tactics on how to avoid recovery towing: road emergency preparedness that may come up your way;

  1. Emergency Phone Numbers

Always have a phone number for a mechanic or car service provider who is always ready to cater to any emergency. Even if you aren’t familiar with them, it is imperative to gather their contacts.

  1.  Emergency Kit

It is a lame idea to leave your emergency kit behind. The following equipment should be in the kit;

  • A flashlight with batteries
  • lug wrench
  • flat tire repair kit
  • gloves, mainly leather which is ideal for a variety of conditions
  • A jack 
  • Nut and bolt for changing the tire
  • Flares and reflective triangle
  • Wheel wedge
  1. Hygiene Kit

While stuck, keeping your hygiene is the most crucial task. Carry with yourself food on long trips. Calories bars are encouraged as they can survive in extreme conditions.

  1. First Aid Kit

At any time, you should equip your car with a standard first aid kit. The kit should include essential medicines for stomach aches, motion sickness, headaches, diarrhea, and sterilizing rubbing alcohol.

  1.  Survival Pack

To be on the safe side, always carry a survival pack in case your car breaks down. The bag should contain everything required to make it through uncivilized remote areas back to modern society.

Ensure you carry water in your survival pack as you never know where the emergency might find you. Lastly, spare some pair of clothes; it is a pro tip that tends to be lifesaving.

  1.  Check Your Car for Any Maintenance Troubles

Since prevention is better than cure, always ensure to scrutinize your car before you leave home. This practice helps avoid surprise conditions. 

Maintain a full tank while venturing into unknown locations. Extra gallons of gas in the proper container can be your redeemer. Ensure your headlights are working correctly as night travel can catch up anywhere. Take your car through all safety and emission test. Check for the brake disc for proper breaking.

  1. Watch the Fluids

Most people end up stuck in the middle of nowhere because they pushed their cars past their limits. Ensure all fluids, including oil, anti-freezing, and transmission fluids, are clean and at total capacity. It helps to run the vehicle to its tip-top shape.

  • Be aware of road conditions

Due to the increasing number of natural disasters in the world, updating yourself with the weather forecast is essential. This practice helps you to be aware of a disaster in advance. It doesn’t hurt to carry extra cash with you. An additional $100 can get you out of a predicament.

 Lastly, be aware of strangers. In some cases, an emergency might occur as a result of miscreants rather than your car. Always be alarmed on who offers to help you. As you wait for your towing recovery service, be calm and maintain patience.

 In conclusion, if you experience trouble with your car, pull over to the side of the road. Ensure you are safe as you follow all traffic rules.

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