Accident Recovery BurkeIs money and space around the house getting tight these days? Do you need to free up some room and get a little extra cash in the process? Burke Tow Truck has exactly what you need! We buy your old, damaged, or junked car. Our appraisal experts give Burke Tow Truck customers the largest lump-sum payouts for their junk cars in the industry. We have a simple guided process that will take you from garage space eater to cold hard cash FAST in exchange for your junk vehicle. The time has never been better to call Burke Tow Truck, we give you the fast cash you need when you need it. Contact our 24-hour sales team today!


 Free Offer In Minutes


The first step to selling your junk car is to place a phone call and receive your no obligations free offer. It only takes a few minutes to get an offer which is valid for up to 30 days. Our over the phone appraiser will request a few simple pieces of information about your vehicle to give you the most accurate offer for your vehicle. We will need the make, model, and year, along with a general condition assessment. Of course, a vehicle that runs and drives will fetch more money than an old dilapidated jalopy. Usually, the question and assessment period will only last 3 to 5 minutes to complete and have an offer sent to your email.  Call us at your convenience to get the ball rolling toward selling your junk car for cash.


100% Free Pickup and Tow Away

Burke Accident recovery

When you decide to accept our offer it is time to move forward to stage two and schedule your free pickup. We work together with you to find a time slot that fits your schedule. Our team of removal experts comes directly to you and will remove your car from a cramped garage or deep in the back corner of your property. The removal team uses their expertise to make quick work of any situation, and the best part is, you can sit back and relax. Burke Tow Truck has no hidden fees, pickup and tow away are always 100% free. When we get your junk car on top of our tow truck we can then move to step 3.


Cash Payment On The Spot


After your car is removed and loaded we will then do a quick assessment of the condition. After we confirm the car is a match to the verbal description, we will payout cash on the spot, no questions asked. No company in town makes it easier to get a lump sum of cash. Call Burke Tow Truck today and get started on the path to selling your old junk car for a mountain of cash!

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