Burke, Virginia, is a scenic, welcoming community. Approximately 43,000 people live in Burke, and many other people visit the community throughout the various seasons of the year. If you live in Burke, or if you are visiting the area, then you may be interested to learn about some fun and invigorating places to enjoy outdoor recreation around the community. Burke is well-known for being a very nice place to live in, and one of the reasons is because of the beautiful landscape that is all around us, as well as the plethora of fun outdoor activities to enjoy.

One favorite local destination is Burke Lake Park. Situated on 888 acres, Burke Lake Park has something to offer to people of all ages and of all physical capabilities. Guests in the park can enjoy a variety of organized programs that are run by park rangers. From nature programs, photography classes, campfire evenings, and more, anyone who is interested in an organized activity will find a plethora of classes to choose from during your time at the park. There are also many walking trails, picnic areas, fishing spots, boating opportunities, and open spaces to run and play throughout the park. There is even a disc golf course, a mini-golf course, a miniature train, and a carousel, too. Burke Lake Park offers a campground for those people who want to stay overnight outdoors or in their RV unit, as well.

Another great place to hike in the region is at Pohick Stream Valley – Burke VRE Trail. This trail, which was once part of the Virginia Railway Express, offers a paved walking path that is suitable for people of all ages, as well as for dogs, too. The trail is traversed by water streams, flat areas, hilly sections, wooded parts, and other natural elements that make walking outdoors a pleasure for anyone in the area.

Huntsman Park is another park in the region that offers shaded walking trails that are perfect for people of all ages. Whether you are walking with your children, your dog, or if you are jogging along the path, you will find interesting things to see along the way. This wide, paved pathway is perfect for strollers, scooters, bicycles, skaters, and more. The park even has a playground, which can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Huntsman Park offers scenic views of the lake and is a nice place to relax and unwind on a pretty afternoon.

Burke, along with many other Virginian cities in the area, offers scenic views, a rich history, and many things to see and do around the region. From walking along a flat surface to hiking on a challenging, mountainous terrain, to boating, fishing, and many other outdoor recreational activities, many people enjoy living or traveling in an area that has so much to offer throughout the entire year. With just a little bit of research and some creativity, you will be able to find something that interests you and challenges you during your outdoor recreational time.

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